ATC Water Heaters

ATC Hot Water Solutions Made Easy. Unvented Water Heaters are generally connected to the mains water supply with the advantage that full mains pressure can be obtained from both the hot and cold taps. The ATC range of Water Heaters includes Instantaneous Water Heaters, Undersink, Oversink and Storage models available in various sizes. Ideal for canteens, offices, shops, pubs and restaurants.

ATC KIT-A 2 Litre Expansion Vessel Tank

ATC KIT-A 2 Litre Expansion Vessel Expansion Vessel for 5/10/15 Litre Water Heaters 2 litre expansio..


ATC W10-U Undersink Water Heater 10 Litre 2kW

ATC W10-U Uunder Sink Water Heater 10Ltr Undersink Water Heater The ATC under sink water heater, 10 ..


ATC W5-U Undersink Water Heater 5 Litre 2kW

ATC W5-U Under Sink Water Heater 5Ltr Undersink Water Heater he ATC Pacific 2kW Wall Mounted 5 Litre..